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SWAN Radio Network Communications

Some events stir emotions that are extremely difficult to express in words. Any commentary attempting to explain the horrible loss of human life during the sneak terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon Tuesday September 11th would indeed be woefully inadequate.

The Swan User Group promotes the interest, use and understanding of amateur radio communications. Amateur radio equipment manufactured by the former Swan Electronics of Oceanside, CA is the main focus of this group. However, it is also important to preserve the names and accomplishments of other American pioneers in amateur radio manufacturing. To this end, we offer information regarding communications equipment produced by these great radio builders of the past. Additionally, we recognize several amateur radio net operations that showcase the many different brands of older tube type transmitting and receiving devices that continue to delight their keepers.

Swan User Net organizers also support the retention of electron tube technology and provide on-the-air associated technical discussions at scheduled net meetings. Current Swan Net schedules: Swan User Net - Sunday 1615 eastern time on 14292Khz. Swan Technical Nets - Wednesday 2300GMT on 14292Khz. Saturday 2-3:30PM eastern time on 7235Khz.

There will be no formal net meetings on the following occasions during 2016: Easter (March 27th), Mother's Day (May 8th), Father's Day (June 19th). Christmas Eve (December 24th)

Those unable to check-in during scheduled net meetings can access our various on-line "QSO" rooms or subscribe to our Swan-Net mail list. Both the QSO room and Swan-Net mail list options are powerful methods of contacting other Swan and vintage radio enthusiasts for the purpose of exchanging greetings and technical information.

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Swan Gang Gallery of Days Gone By...
Vintage Sideband Net Operations
Swan Net Silent Keys
RF Power Pentode Tube Data
Swan and Vintage Radio Net Schedules
Swan and Vintage Radio Trader
Swan Radio Network Exchange Links
Swan Jamboree 2002
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Swan Newsletters

The entire text version of several previous issues of the Swan News can be read here:

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Parts & Service:

AF4K Crystals - Supplier of FT243 and HC6U Amateur Band Cystals
Debbie's Parts Corner - Electron Tubes and Radio Equipment
Antique Electronic Supply - Electron Tubes
Mouser Electronics - HV Capacitors
International Radio - Crystal Filters
TRESCO - Cinch Jones Plugs
Lashen Electronics - Contact Cleaner
LandAir Communications LTD - Used Equipment, Sales & Service
R L Drake - Drake Replacement Parts
The HeathKit Shop - Power Supply Rectifier/Filter Board Assemblies

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Swan Radio Network QSO Rooms

The Swan Radio Network QSO Room is accessed by clicking on the button below. No special password is required in order to enter this room. It is only necessary to enter a username, nickname or callsign, etc in the top blank that appears in the chat frame. If you fill in any of the lower three blanks spaces, you will need to remember what you put in there for future use. If you want to protect your username from being used by anyone else, you must make up and enter a password. Then, each time you come to the Swan Radio QSO Room and enter that username, you will also need to enter that password.

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